Hot Fitness Trend: Karaoke Yoga »

6 Jul

Looking to get out of a fitness or weight loss rut? You might want to check out one of the breakout fitness trends of the season; Karaoke Yoga!

For those of you that love dance based workouts, karaoke yoga might be perfect for you. The New York Daily News reports that Los Angeles-based yoga instructor Jennifer Pastiloff devised the class by enlisting the aid of DJ Gina Mooring. They created a one-hour “joy-based” yoga-singing class that has attracted a hearty following of students — and plenty of media buzz.

“If you’re looking for a strict, alignment-based yoga class, don’t come because this isn’t one of them,” Pastiloff told Relaxnews. “This is about having the workout of your life, singing, dancing, and feeling silly.” The benefit, she says, is not only opening your body through yoga but feeling connected to the other students through the process of group singing. “People are starved for connection in the world, and this class can offer that.”

The affordable, fun classes come complete with a television screen for song lyrics, and you can expect group renditions (no solos) of popular hits by Elton John, Journey, Michael Jackson, Adele, and the Beatles.

Want to give karaoke yoga a try? The classes will be available in major cities later this year.

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