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Dare To Be Creative “LOLË Love”

14 May
From Löle Love

From Löle Love

“Poets don’t invent new words, and musicians don’t invent new notes, yet their work reassembles the known and turns it into something fresh and original.” Writes Nadia Lakhdari, VP of Content and Event Program at C2-MTL. She continues: “Creativity means seeing the world and its possibilities in a new way, making connections between thoughts and ideas that at first glance do not appear to be related, and above all, having the guts and the drive to bring these discordant ideas to life.

” Dubbed “a business conference, but different,” C2-MTL addresses how commerce and creativity can team up to redefine business. Curated by international creative agency Sid Lee, in collaboration with founding partner Cirque du Soleil and content partner Fast Company, C2-MTL will unfold in a Montreal innovation village designed specifically for the occasion, May 21 – 23, 2013. The three-day event assembles multimedia conferences by internationally acclaimed speakers, engaging exhibitions, interactive installations, collaborative workshops, a creativity boot camp, parties, and even Lolë Yoga meet-ups!

Lyne St-Roch, the Lolë’s ambassador who will be leading Montreal’s Lolë White Yoga Sessions this summer, will be taking a creative approach to yoga. Throughout C2’s breaks, Lyne will be leading participants through a yoga practice like they’ve never experienced before. Forget downward dog! Event participants will be encouraged to keep their suits and trendy outfits on and discover a whole new way to zen. Sold? Get 10%OFF your ticket to C2 by purchasing it on the special lolë c2 page. See you there!

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Une séance de yoga complètement inédite “LOLË Love”

14 May
From Löle Love

From Löle Love

« Les poètes n’inventent pas de nouveaux mots, et les musiciens n’inventent pas de nouvelles notes; pourtant, leurs œuvres rassemblent le connu et le transforment en quelque chose de rafraîchissant et d’original », écrit Nadia Lakhdari, V.P., programmation et contenu, C2-MTL. Elle ajoute : « La créativité, c’est voir le monde et ses possibilités différemment, créant des connexions entre des pensées et des idées qui, à première vue, ne semblent pas être liées, et, surtout, c’est avoir l’audace et la motivation de donner vie à ces idées discordantes. »

Surnommé « une conférence d’affaires, autrement », l’événement C2-MTL traite de la façon dont les réponses créatives aux questions commerciales ont le potentiel de redéfinir le monde des affaires. Imaginé par l’agence créative internationale Sid Lee, en collaboration avec le Cirque du Soleil, partenaire fondateur, ainsi que Fast Company, partenaire de contenu et média, C2-MTL se déroulera à Montréal du 21 au 23 mai 2013, dans un village innovateur conçu exclusivement pour l’occasion. L’événement de trois jours propose des prestations de conférenciers renommés, des expositions interactives, des présentations multimédias, des ateliers collaboratifs, un Boot Camp créatif, des soirées festives, et même des Meet-ups de yoga de Lolë!

Lyne St-Roch, l’ambassadrice de Lolë qui dirigera les Lolë White Yoga Sessions cet été, abordera le yoga sous une nouvelle perspective créative. Lors des pauses-café de C2, Lyne invitera les participants à faire l’expérience d’une séance de yoga complètement inédite. Oubliez la posture du chien tête en bas! Les participants de l’événement seront invités à garder leurs tenues et habits bien repassés, et à découvrir une toute nouvelle façon de décompresser.Vendus? Obtenez un rabais de 10 % sur votre billet en effectuant votre achat sur notre page spéciale Lolë C2. J’espère vous y voir !

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Yoga Could Decrease Costs, Sick Days For People With Chronic Back Pain

22 Aug

Yoga for back pain relief

People with chronic low back pain may want to try taking to the yoga mat to relieve their symptoms, a small new study suggests.

Researchers from the University of York in the United Kingdom found that back pain sufferers who participated in a group yoga program for 12 weeks had fewer medical costs and fewer missed days from work, compared with people who didn’t participate in the yoga program.

“We welcome the fact that not only has yoga been found to help people manage their back pain, but that it is also cost effective, and results in fewer sick days,” Alan Silman, medical director of Arthritis Research UK, which funded the study, said in a statement. “It is another option for people who are struggling to manage their condition, and one that encourages the move to self-management.”

The Spine journal study included more than 300 people who experienced recurring back pain; half of them were assigned to the 12-week yoga program and also received standard medical care, while the other half only received standard medical care for their pain. (Standard medical care could mean anything from seeing a physiotherapist, to receiving prescription painkillers.)

The researchers found that each person was able to participate in the yoga intervention at a cost of less than 300 pounds ($472 in U.S. dollars). And people who participated in the yoga program also took fewer sick days from work than people who only received the standard care.

Yoga has been shown in past studies to aid in back pain relief. Researchers found that yoga classes or stretching classes helped people with chronic low back pain to manage their pain, compared with just using a “self-care” book, according to a 2011 study in the Archives of Internal Medicine.

And “several other studies — all smaller than ours — have found that Iyengar yoga and general Hatha yoga are helpful for persons with back pain,” study researcher Karen Sherman, Ph.D., of the Group Health Research Institute, earlier told HuffPost. “My guess is that any therapeutically-oriented style of yoga could be helpful to people with chronic back pain.”

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